hinh ao nuoi tom chay quat

Fourbros is the importer and distributor of healthcare products for the farming of shrimps notably back-tiger prawns and vannamei shrimps. Products vary greatly diversity but can be divided into the following two main categories:

– Feed supplements of all kinds: vitamins and/or minerals, hepatopancreas enhancers, growth enhancers, with or without fortified probiotics.

– Water (pond) treatment: probiotics, zeolites/ absorbents/ deodorizers/ oxygen generators.

The majority of our products come from Thailand and India. Our suppliers are reputable, established manufacturers with GMP-WHO, HACCP and ISO certifications that have strong Asian market presence. Our distributorships with our suppliers are long-term and for sake of a sustainable local market.

Fourbros has strong market foothold in Southern Vietnam, notably in the Mekong River Delta provinces that are abundant with vast shrimp farms (sea water, brackish water and fresh water). We always maintain robust relationships with retailers of these product lines notably those in the rural areas who work directly with shrimp farmers on a daily basis.

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